Array 22

Irritable Bowel / SIBO Screen™

Clinical Use

Identify the overgrowth of large intestinal bacteria in the small intestine and the release of bacterial cytotoxins

Evaluate a breach of intestinal barrier by bacterial cytotoxins and their entry into circulation

Assist in setting guidelines for treatment of irritable bowels/SIBO and reduce risk of igniting the autoimmune process

Recommended for Patients Who

Have irritable bowels

Exhibit symptoms of malabsorption, including weight loss, anemia or fatty stools

Have associated conditions such as fatigue, reflux, skin disorders, obesity or food intolerances

Antigens Tested

Cytoskeletal Proteins IgG
Cytoskeletal Proteins IgA
Cytoskeletal Proteins IgM

Bacterial Cytotoxins IgG
Bacterial Cytotoxins IgA
Bacterial Cytotoxins IgM

CPT® Codes

CPT® Code: 83516 (x6)

Bacterial Toxin-Induced Gut Damage

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