Introduction to the Cyrex System

with Dr. Chad Larson
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The Lymphocyte MAP™
Comprehensive Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping
Enhanced Panel
Advanced Clinical Laboratory Testing
Cyrex Labs is a high-complexity clinical laboratory offering innovative tests designed to detect and monitor autoimmune reactivities and their possible triggers
Cyrex Laboratories works with licensed healthcare professionals throughout the United States.
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How To Get Tested
  • Learn about our unique tests
  • Review information with your healthcare professional (HCP)
  • Have your HCP open a Cyrex account
  • Get your Cyrex collection kit and requisition form from your HCP
  • Pay for your test & schedule your blood draw
  • Get your blood drawn
  • Receive results from your HCP
  • Clinical consultations for your HCP
The Cyrex System™
THE CYREX SYSTEM™ is an immunology-based approach that emphasizes the importance of the root causes and early events that are responsible for the development of inflammatory, autoimmune, neurodegenerative and other disorders.
Cyrex Labs Test Panels
Are You Seeking A Life-Long Health And Wellness Strategy?

Our innovative tests provide your healthcare professional advanced diagnostic tools to identify and measure immune reactivity and possible autoimmune reactivity that can affect multiple tissues in your body.

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