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Our Commitment To You
Coronavirus COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty throughout the world. Our priority is to maintain the safety of our clients, patients and the well-being of our staff. We want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to ensure the highest level of service and our commitment to the uncompromised integrity of each patient's results.

We are Open

We hope everyone is staying safe through this difficult time. We would like to let everyone know that Cyrex Laboratories is open and conducting business as usual.

Aristo Vojdani

The Mucosal Immunology of SARS-CoV-2:
Why it's important to build up immune resilience

Heading Back To Work?

4 Ways To Protect Your Immune System
By Dr. Chad Larson, NMD, DC, CCN, CSCS

Collections can be done right at home with our non-invasive test

During this unprecedented time our patients need to be healthy.
We encourage you to order the

Array 14 — Mucosal Immune Reactivity Screen™

It is a simple saliva test that is done right at home. It measures bio-markers for intestinal permeability, food, chemical, pathogen reactivity and blood-brain barrier integrity.

Step 1

Practitioner creates patient test requisition at

Step 2

Request an Oral Fluid Test Kit - Shipped directly to patient

(877) 772-9739 Option 1

Step 3

Patient follows instructions to collect saliva sample at home and ships to Cyrex prepaid via UPS

How To Get Your Oral Fluid Kit

Call (877) 772-9739, Option 1
or email

Advanced Clinical Laboratory Testing

Cyrex Labs is a high-complexity clinical laboratory offering innovative tests designed to detect and monitor autoimmune reactivities and their possible triggers.

Cyrex Laboratories works with licensed healthcare professionals throughout the United States.

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