ACAM 2017 Annual Meeting

September 14-16, 2017
San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Condado Plaza Hilton
999 Ashford Ave.
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

Similar to the 2016 annual meeting, ACAM has joined forces with AAPMD to provide an integrative look at both medicine and dentistry. Please join us as we work together to create intelligent healthcare practices and disseminate collaborative information to patients.


  • promote and share knowledge to reduce human and societal toll from neurodegenerative and inflammatory disorders, cancer and infectious diseases;
  • advance understanding of the stress impact of chronic infectious diseases on metabolic, hormonal, and neurochemical communications networks;
  • advance understanding of the impact of oral pathology and sleep disorders on immune and hormone systems and its impact on chronic degenerative diseases; and
  • enhance care of adults with Alzheimer's Disease, as well as children with Autism, based on sound scientific evidence