ACA CDID Annual Symposium: St. Louis, MO

July 28-31, 2016
St. Louis, MO
The Westin St. Louis

Clinical Challenges in the Diagnosis and Management of Internal Disorders. Topics and speakers are as follows:

Dr. Nicholas LeRoy speaks on "The Natural Treatment of Cervical Dysplasia and Human Papilloma Virus."

Dr. Erin Lommen speaks on "Advanced Neuroendocrinology: Clinical Corrections for Advanced Disease States, Women's Hormone Imbalances, Cravings, Compulsions and Mood Disorders."

Dr. Micheal Taylor speaks on "Integrative Oncology: A Very Important Component of Cancer Care."

Dr. Jay Mead speaks on "Immune Hardiness, Men's Health and Vitality during Andropause and Optimizing Breast Health," "The Aging Man's Guide to Robust Health," and "Breast Health Update-A Must for the Bust."

Dr. Patrick Battaglia speaks on "Appropriate Diagnostic Imaging Recommendations and Findings."